Friday, October 15, 2010

Korea Post #6: Daejanggeum Theme Park (Jewel in the Palace Filming Location)

Another filming location we visited was the Daejanggeum Theme Park, or more commonly known as Jewel in the Palace. The drama was so high-budget that they actually built a cultural village to film all the scenes in! Its located in the MBC Cultural Village in Yangjoo.
Me with the main dude. Hurrah! 

I've never really watched the drama, but my dad and sister are HUUUGE fans so it was part of our trip itinerary. We took a train and hopped straight into a cab...surprisingly the cab driver knew we were Filipinos!

You can tour the whole place by just going at your own pace or following the events of the drama. The nicest thing about the filming location is you can get into the spirit of the drama by renting the costumes and posing for pictures!
 My dad in full regalia!
 My mom as the royal queen--looks very good on her!
And my sister and I chugging and eating to our hearts' content (she's wearing the costume worn by Janggeum and I'm wearing the little girls' one) 

If you want a cultural experience of the old Korea but with fun and costumes included--go here!!!
Plus some more shots of the place:

And now an ending photo of us--in jail:
Haha that's it for this post! My final final entry about my trip is coming up next!


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