Friday, November 12, 2010

GMarket Haul #3: Can You Say I'm Totally Addicted?

That's it! After this last haul I am going on a 6-month hiatus from shopping in GMarket. I've already given sufficient warnings to my sister and my boyfriend to prevent me from buying anything from the site until June 2011. SO HELP ME, GOD.

But I've finally found the reason why I still persist in getting my stuff in GMarket...its because I get so much good stuff! No matter how much Customs taxes me (this time around, it was P1,800 for BOTH can ask me to elaborate on that if you want), I still buy! This has got to be a sickness.

So as you guys know, I won in GMarket's Blogger of the Month contest and received a GC worth 50,000won (worth around P2,000)! I used that amount to good use and purchased a couple of side items, and here they are:

The wig up there is actually not mine, so I won't be including that in my photos.
First up is the make-up:
Left: CLIO Diamond Rose HD Two Way Cake; Right: CLIO Water Proof Liner in Kill Black

I seriously cannot wait to review those 2 items above! CLIO is a South Korean make-up brand which features products made in Europe. They're more high end than the usual known brands like Etude House, Missha or Skin Food. To see more of their gorgeous products, click HERE.

What I love most about this is the packaging, plus the fact that you get an extra refill! I thought the foundation was actually pricey but its not, its very value for money-ish. 
I also love the fact that the compact is reusable and has a protective cover. The sponge that comes with it isn't bad either. Future review on this coming soon!
I got the CLIO cake from jnv for $22.45 and the Kill Black Liner from 스킨러브 for $10.21. They actually offer these in a lower amount compared to other resellers. CLIO doesn't ship internationally through GMarket so these guys are your best bet!

Also bought a basic V-neck white tee from 더페이지 for $6.00. I actually just used this to cap off the freebie in the GC. It was more sheer than I expected but fits me well (its free-size):

I also tried buying my first ever watch from BANC, which is a popular brand in Korea and features really cute robot styles (its actually endorsed by a lot of K-pop artists):
 Photo from the seller's page is that above... whatdayaknow it looks exactly the same and its gorgeous!
Looks exactly like it does on the photo and I LOVE IT!!! I immediately wore this to school the moment I opened the package. Notice the cute packaging?
Got this from seller ★클락★워크★ for $15.68.

And finally, my most treasured possession, the 2AM Saint O' Clock Limited Edition Album!!!^^
This thing is HUGE. Its as big as an 8.5x11" sheet of bond paper. I was so surprised because I wondered how it could've gotten so big! I'll be posting the inside and contents of this thing soon for all 2AM fans who want to see how valuable this really is.

Although I have to say I was really disappointed with how EMS handled my package. The seller should've labeled it as FRAGILE because the box had a lot of broken sides:
 Huhuhuhu a dent on the spine!!!
 A crack on the bottom...

I think they wanted to give a hardcore fan a heart attack with this.
I got this from 파워뮤직 for $26.91. I'm really sad because my order actually got delayed because I waited for its release (since I pre-ordered it and stocks are limited) and it arrives all dented.

If you're wondering how I was able to purchase all these, I had a lot of help from tons of discount coupons courtesy of GMarket. See how much they encourage you to buy and buy again?! Its a marketing scheme that definitely works!

But I swear I have to stop buying from this online store! Hiatus of 6 months officially starts NOW!!! 


  1. Oh my so sorry for your alarm clock. Congrats to your extra cash!

  2. lol it's not an alarm clock! the album's name is "saint o'clock".^^

  3. How much ung CLIO Water Proof Liner Kill Black?

  4. its $10.21 as i've said in this post :)

  5. do you live in korea?

    i was wondering how the shipping and payment currency works if i want it to send to north america.


  6. I don't leave in Korea,Gmarket posts the dollar equivalent on the item pages and your final bill is computed in dollars. the way i pay my bill is that its on dollars then its converted to my local currency.

  7. can't wait to have my gmarket haul <33 seeing those stuff excites me kekekek.

  8. Hi can I ask how many kilos was your package. How much was your shipping cost? I'm interested to buy in G market. Can I buy from different sellers and combine them in one shipping?

  9. shie: its totally worth it, but be prepared for high custom fees if you order too much!:)

  10. hey there! try checking out my previous post here:

    i included the shipping cost that i had to pay because it really depends on the weight of your entire package. Gmarket has a table of shipping costs you can check out here:

    plus gmarket revamped their entire HELP section which is more user friendly now!:D

    as for combined shipping, there are certain conditions gmarket imposes depending on the seller.

  11. Hi,

    How did the custom calculate your tax? and how many items was there in a box?


  12. they computed it on a per item basis. be prepared to bring a lot of money! mine was really high which is why i'm now quite discouraged to buy from gmarket. they have great service and the package arrives on time but customs fees are so expensive!

  13. hi! stumbled on your blog while googling how to order from gmarket if you're in the philippines. lol. gusto ko sanang umorder sa gmarket (korea) but i can't understand kahit tinaranslate na sa english i was planning on buying fujifilm instax mini films kaso lang natatakot ako P2600 yung films a lot cheaper compared if i buy it locally here in the philippines. pero bigla akong natakot sa custom taxes. eeeek. heheh.

  14. from my experience, if you buy just 1 item and its not that heavy, EMS will deliver it to your house. check out my 1st post about market, it contains just that :D


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