Tuesday, November 9, 2010

SAIZEN Great Finds: Falsies and Charcoal Facial Mask!

One of my favorite stores to go gaga over has to be SAIZEN.

Its a Japanese store that has all tons of stuff for only P85 each! From kitchenware to school supplies, they have everything you can possibly imagine! So I took a trip there last weekend and was able to get 3 great things: that blue plastic container (for storage), 2 sets of falsies, and a charcoal facial mask, all for only P255.00!!!

I thought these 3 were great great finds because not only are they cheap, they're very high in quality. Here's the first item up, FALSIES!
The store offers many varieties of falsies, but these were the ones that come in 2 pairs so I gave them a shot!
How they look like on me:
They were very sturdy and I love how fancy they look! And for only P85 and 2 pairs? These are great! The falsies don't have the glue included but I prefer it that way because you're more sure that the glue isn't dried up. SAIZEN also has eyelash glue available for also P85.

This also comes in a foaming facial wash and a nose pack. I chose this one because you know how much I adore facial masks! I also liked it because it had English instructions at the back and while you're at the store, they translated the ingredients in English so you can check if you're allergic to the product.
Sealed for hygienic purposes! This is great because the mask has a very liquid-y texture:
Apply this all over your face evenly and wait for the product to harden (around 10-15 mins, I waited for around 20 mins). Then peel it off and wash off the rest. You actually feel as if you're wearing a large nose strip all over your face! While this was on me, I actually felt a little pain while it was hardening but it subsided after a few minutes. I was afraid it might leave some angry harsh marks all over my face after I peeled it off but it didn't!
Beware though, you would look like a mud person while wearing this! Or, as my mom called me, a TIRE BABY. I say lock yourself up and don't show yourself to anyone while you have this on. But all joking aside, I really liked it and my pores felt really clean after I used it.

Cheap things are so great, don't you agree?
SAIZEN is located at Trinoma Mall in Quezon City, inside True Value Home Center.


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