Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yummy Yummy Chicken BonChon at Ayala Triangle!

Chicken BonChon is actually from South Korea! Coolness!^^

Place was packed--but since this is a fast food, you have to get your own table using your own devious ways! We came into the restaurant for take-out and the line, although it was long--advanced pretty fast. Considering their POS was broken and they were doing everything manually (plus only 1 girl was manning the counter AND following up the orders), we got our order in about 20 minutes.
My only complaint was that they had NOTHING available on the menu except the chicken, rice and a few drinks. Everything else wasn't available for ordering. I was looking forward to trying the Kimchi Coleslaw too!

  Bang for your buck: get the meals or if you're a group get a box of chicken plus rice!
We ordered a box of Chicken combo. consisting of both wings and drumsticks with Soy Garlic sauce (P365). BonChon doesn't allow you to mix the flavors in 1 box (I wish they did though) so you have to stick to one kind.
 Smells absolutely heavenly!!!
 Chicken is all ready to be eaten, hurray!!!

I really want to say that I truly enjoyed my BonChon experience, but they were completely lacking in beverages or their side orders that I can't say I've tried it all. But the chicken is yummy, even if its not warm anymore. The skin tastes wonderful and I wish I could've tried it with a hot cup of rice. Ohwell, there's a next time anyway!

Bon Chon Chicken is found at Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City.


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