Wednesday, February 2, 2011

JBE Jelly Blue Circle Lens Review

Its been such a long time since I've bought myself a pair of circle lens, but here I come with a review of the JBE Jelly Blue Circle lenses!

My lenses weren't shipped, since my sorority sis is the seller, the lenses were handed to me personally. Each pair you order comes with a free lens case.
Raising up the jars, here's how the lenses look like:

And of course, when its deposited onto the lens case: (the left one is actually overturned)

When worn:

The lens become a dark blue against my dark brown eyes. Not as bright as the photo above, which was actually fine by me because i can wear them everyday and not be bothered that people think I look like an alien.

As compared to my regular eye size:
Huge as compared to my original eye! It has a 16.0mm diameter but it doesn't come off as that imposing probably because it blends well with the original color of my eyes.
You can see the blue more in the above photo because I held up my eyes more to the light (Photo had no flash! I only used my room light.) I thought the effect was very unimposing and more on the natural side.

And finally me with the lenses on:
See? You can't even tell its blue! When I wore this, only one person noticed that my lenses are blue. Now I thought maybe it was too dark to be seen. Kind of disappointed because JBE is said to have more vibrant colors, but well not really for me.

Overall, I like the jelly blue lenses because I can wear them everyday and I had no irritations. As with all circle lenses, my eyes dry up easily but the solution to that is just getting eye drops for contacts.^^
Not really my favorite pair out of my collection (favorite remains to be the fresh grey), but these are a good buy nonetheless.

JBE Jelly Blue is available at Lailani Blancaflor's FB page HERE for only P700!
She also sells GEO and other circle lenses and transcations are easy and fast. Go buy buy!!! 


  1. Circle lenses usually freaks me out! But these look fairly natural! :)

  2. I know what you mean, sometimes they're too big and doesn't suit the one who wears it well. But these lenses are just right!

  3. Hi girl.
    Kevin here.
    Do you likes to try more lens?
    If yes, please feel free to contact us.
    We invite you make the reviewer video for you and the lens will be FOC to you.
    How you think it ?


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