Friday, February 18, 2011

MBLAQ's Blaq Style: A Look Inside!

Okay okay so I kinda cheated on the whole buying Korean stuff because I knew someone who was going to Korea--and because of my restraint for my own self, I only asked for one thing...MBLAQ's firsl full-length album, BLAQ STYLE!

The thing I love most about this k-pop group is that they're so demn hardworking (I meant to spell it that way btw)! Plus the songs they released so far (Stay and Cry) made me want to buy this album even more, so on to the contents:

Album looks so cool but that "M" part is pretty fragile.

The album contains the actual CD, a small photobook, plus photo cards of the members.

1. "Sad Memories (Intro)" Composed by MBLAQ's Seungho.
Arranged by Park Se Hyun 1:40
2. "Stay" Rado, Jean, Won Taek and Gilmi Composed by Rado, Jin and Won Taek
Arranged by Rado 3:20
3. "Cry" E-Tribe Composed by E-Tribe
Arranged by E-Tribe & Lee Chi Woo 3:47
4. "그대여 (Darling)" Rain Composed by Rain, Bae Jin Ryul
Arranged by Bae Jin Ryul 3:13
5. "버린다 (Throw Away)" Bae Jin Ryul Composed by Bae Jin Ryul & Choi Ji Yeong
Arranged by Bae Jin Ryul 3:25
6. "녹 (Rust)" Jean & Won Taek Composed by Jean & Won Taek
Arranged by Jean 3:54
7. "Tonight" Bae Jin Ryul Composed by Lee Jae Yeong
Arranged by Lee Jae Yeong & Jo Sung Kwang 3:53
8. "이러지 않았으면 해 (Wish You Hadn't)" Bae Jin Ryul Composed by Bae Jin Ryul & Choi Ji Yeong
Arranged by Bae Jin Ryul & Choi Ji Yeong 3:25
9. "You're My +" Rado, Jean, Won Taek, MBLAQ's Mir Composed by Rado, Jean & Won Taek
Arranged by Rado & Jean 3:51
10. "Rolling U" Bae Jin Ryul Composed by Bae Jin Ryul
Arranged by Bae Jin Ryul 3:30
11. "Oh Yeah (C-Luv & Blue Magic Remix)" Rain Composed by Rain, Kim Tae Hwan, Jang Jae Min 4:41
12. "Y (JR GROOVE Remix)" Rain Composed by Rain, Bae Jin Ryul 3:29
13. "또다른 시작 (A Different Beginning) (Outro)" Bae Jin Ryul Composed by Bae Jin Ryul 0:41

A close-up of that CD:
Their album concept is all about that wet look--rain cascading on them and even on the CD! (Rain on the MBLAQ cd? Get it?)

Plus the mini-photobook:
 underwater group shot
 Seungho and his blonde hair
 G.O looking all gorgeous and manly (my fave shot out of the five!)
 Mireu, my favorite maknae rapper
Lee Joon--very charismatic as always
Doongie all blonde (I prefer him being non-blonde) 

It contains a lot more photos than these but I just took a shot for the individual members so you have a general idea of how it looks like.

I have to be perfectly honest, I like the concept of the Y mini-album better than this. The guys on motorbikes are so much better than them in water. Also the Y mini-album is actually bigger and packs more on what's inside than Blaq Style.

But Blaq Style has been receiving a lot of love in sales!

Photo cards also inserted in the album:
These are GORGEOUUUUS, especially those of G.O and Mir. I literally just drooled on the floor while looking at these. Wet look concept worked for me right here!

A minor complaint on the packaging is that its so hard to put everything back into that M! :((

The good news (for you guys, definitely not for me grrr) is that MBLAQ is repackaging Blaq Style with 3 new songs so if you haven't gotten yourself a copy, wait it out and just buy the repackaged one.

As for the songs, I do listen to this album all the way through, compared with the Y mini-album. My favorite has to be Stay, which immediately caught my ears on the first listen, as well as 그대여 (Darling), a song that's actually written by Rain for the boys. Cry took me a while to like it, but now I can't stop listening to it. Tonight is also a favorite of mine!

Love this album, extra points for no auto-tune!

Got the MBLAQ Blaq Style for 15,000won, or around P600 in a OK! in Myeongdong Underground Shopping Center.
Also available in YesAsia HERE.

Note: MBLAQ always repackages their albums which I hate the most.


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