Sunday, February 20, 2011

VICTORIA'S SECRET Very Sexy Blush/Highlight Duo Review

I am totally in love with this blush/highlighter duo. As I said before, I'm not a lover of blushes, but this made me change my mind.

This is the VICTORIA'S SECRET Very Sexy Blush/Highlight Duo. Its shade is called Backstage.

It comes in a really classy black compact, with the words "VERY SEXY" on the right side. It also has a pink trim all over the sides.

What Victoria's Secret says:
Give yourself a velvet touch with the Victoria's finishing powder duo. This Victoria's sexy powder gives you a smooth, silky, and gorgeous look. The natural matte and luminous effect in this Victoria's Secret makeup gives you a naturally glowing skin. The Victoria's finishing powder duo has a unique formula that suits every skin tone type. Get a flawless look with this Victoria's sexy powder due to its lip-o-light technology that reduces defaults, and makes your skin look gorgeous! This Victoria's Secret makeup easily spreads over your skin in a single swipe, and stays on for a longer time. Highlight your skin with the Victoria's finishing powder duo. 
Open it up, and here's what greets you:
The light washes out the colors of the blush!
It has a plastic cover for hygienic purposes:

The highlighter is really sheer, and has shimmers that aren't too bulky. The blush is a nice coral shade that's not too pink or orange. Its nice enough to create a soft flush that's pretty natural.
Both the blush and the highlighter have golden shimmers! But its more obvious on the highlighter. These colors are totally gorgeous on any skintone.

And the back of the compact:

I'm not so sure if this is available locally. But this is a gorgeous blush so if you have the chance to get it for yourself, do so!


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