Monday, January 28, 2013

OPI Liquid Sand 'The Impossible' (Limited Edition Mariah Carey) Review

Whenever I think about Mariah Carey, the first thing that comes into my mind is DIVA. So its really no surprise that OPI gives her a line that's called "Liquid Sand". This is a new variant from OPI which I believe would be coming out more in their collections.

I got the shade called "The Impossible" (so arte hahaha), which is a sandy-textured bright red with flecks of dots and stars. On the bottle its so RED. I only have 1 red nail polish also from OPI and I thought it was high time I buy another.

I just love how OPI names their shades! It definitely makes picking out colors more fun.

When applied, its not at all red. It comes off very very light, and I used 3 coats to get it to this color. Then again, its more of a glittery hot pink. Not really the color I expected to come out, but I have to say the color and texture was very interesting.

When you touch it, it actually feels like sand art. Remember when those were a thing?

Its very pretty when on your nails, suits my skin tone well (makes your fingers look cleaner), and its something different. I do recommend that you try this even once if you like glittery polish. The color isn't that crazy that its too eye-catching, but the sparkles do give it a more special feel.

OPI Liquid Sand 'The Impossible' is available through Digital Traincase for only Php 420.00.


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