Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vitamin EEEEE!!!

Being a law school student, I am typically confronted with late-night studying sessions which is naturally equal to having haggard and tired-looking skin. Don't get me wrong, I don't get acne-fied or anything as bad as that. Through the past year, my skin has lost its glow (I think this started way back in college when I started taking studying seriously).

So I turned to my trusty friend and found out that she's drinking Vitamin E capsules everyday. My friend has incredibly healthy skin and it never shows that she's been up late cramming the readings. Then and there I decided to take these vitamins because as a non-health buff, I only get a daily dose of Vitamin C because my dad prods me to take it.

The product of choice this time is MYRA 300-E, which gets constantly advertised by the ethereally beautiful Dawn Zulueta. I've read in reviews that other women have tried this and it gave them good results. I'll be recording my results per month to see if it will give me any benefits at all. Hopefully it will, because vitamins are pricey these days!


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