Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Saving Skills 101: Nails

Most have asked me where I get my nails done, and my usual answer is, "I did it myself!"This definitely surprises most, as my friend said, "Ba't ang linis!?" The answer? A cotton bud and a nail polish remover always within my reach.

While assessing my expenses devoted to aesthetic purposes (i.e. beautifying myself), I found that the most frequent purchase was a trip to a nail salon to get my nails done. Blame it on the lush interiors of Dashing Diva's Powerplant branch. I always found it extremely comforting to just sit back and let the ladies do their work after a tiring day in school. Unfortunately each one of those sessions cost more than 500 bucks, since my feet need to have their time being comforted as well.

I took it upon myself to start saving up on the little things, such as this expense.I don't know if its just me who feels absolutely comforted when she sees her nails a nice pearly pink or a brilliant bright blue. Nail colors nowadays are so cute and they give you that extra piece of happiness when you need it.

What am I suggesting? Learn to do your own nails! You'll be surprised to see how quickly you'll be coloring inside your nails and not beyond them. Just think, you spend around Php400 just on your hands, when you can buy a bottle of your favorite color around that price. And this bottle will last you for a really long time. I usually share my nail polish with the members of my household so its bound to be fully used.

I fully recommend getting the Caronia Princess French Tip set which retails for less than Php100. It already has 3 shades inside and it gives the classic french tip a sparkly touch. For those who want to invest, there's the usual O.P.I. shades (get the Pretty and Privileged shade from the 90210 set!) and the always brilliant China Glaze. The latter smells a bit funny though, don't  say I didn't warn you.


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