Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Love Being a Student with Topshop!

We consistently moan and groan about still staying in school and how looooong it has been taking before we finally end the dreary days of studying, but fear not, TOPSHOP has found a way to make everything brighter for those of us fighting off the doldrums.

If you make me choose between Zara, Topshop and Mango (the usual go-tos of us financially deprived for designer labels but can still afford gorgeous things), without hesitating, I will say, "GIMME MY TOPSHOP!", because the store basically has everything that I alude my funky style to. One of the most important things a girl has to keep in mind is to define what her style is. I am definitely not a preppy girl, which Zara and Mango specializes in. I have to admit that everytime Topshop has a sale my credit card gets overused because there are just so many good things to get! (Okay I have to admit that it doesn't only happen during sales.) Also, it has a Petite line which many short Filipinas love.

One of my best buys during those sales is this skirt featured here on your right, called a Colour Block Prom skirt (mine came in pink, white and gray though, yes I'm more whimsical that way). I remember that I got it on sale, exactly 50% off! It was the last skirt on the rack and I just had to have it. The zipper was actually broken, because some inane person somehow managed to zip up the cloth along with it. But I had every person in the store do their best efforts to fix it (with me constantly nagging them, "How the hell are you going to sell that skirt if it's broken!?"), and eventually the zipper was mended and I was able to buy it. Best efforts are best rewarded, and this skirt has been my favorite item in my closet.

Some have been asking me where the best selections can be found in their many different branches. I haven't been to ALL of the branches, but I always end up buying either in the Trinoma or the Greenbelt branch so I guess those are the best for me.

Now, Topshop is offering ALL STUDENTS 10% off all year long! The bad news is, this is only for Topshop UK. Here in Manila, its only from June 1-30 (craaaapness) just in time for going back to school. I know its annoying, but all good things come to an end and this is one of those. What are you waiting for? Go out and get the best that you can because before you know it, the end of the month's already here!


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