Saturday, October 31, 2009

Presidentiable #5: Noynoy Aquino--OK I get it, celebs endorse you!

Check out the MV for Noynoy's presidential campaign:

Some notes:

1) I will never vote for anyone that Regine endorses, just because I remember her saying she is the "freaking Regine Velasquez". She needs to trim her hair or at least get some layers. That is one shagged up 'do. Whose idea was it to make her sit around a campfire, anyway?

2) Is it just me or did the kid change in the first part after she gave out the torch?

3) Sharon Cuneta...I didn't think she would get any bigger than her Smart billboard. But she did. Definitely in this MV.

4) Boy Abunda is like Kokuum, sounding out the drums of war!

5) Maja Salvador just stepped out of her ad for RC Cola with Kim Bum and into this shoot.

6) Someone didn't inform Bea Alonzo that this is an ad for Noynoy and not for Kasheica.

7) Greatest ending ever! A quick scroll of EVERYONE who made the MV. 

I gotta be honest, I am not voting for Noynoy. Why? I just don't want to! I am entitled to my vote! This MV was painful for me to watch, it focused too much on the celebs rooting for Noynoy instead of focusing on the different sectors that was obviously just inserted into the video to try to prove a point (Muslim, fishermen, basketball players?). What is his platform? WHAT DOES HE WANT FROM US!?!? Okay, I get it, you're chummy with the stars! But what are you going to do?

I want a President who has a side and who can speak out his mind. I want a President who can see opportunities, take action, and make even a bit of progress for the Philippines. Is anyone out there qualified to do this? (No Erap, I am not talking to you!)


  1. as of now, wala akong mapili sa mga tatakbong presidente.

  2. exactly, it's so hard especially with the choice of candidates that's out there.

  3. there's one person fit to be president... Malacanang needs a DICK ;)


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