Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beauty & Butter: A Modern Way to Get Pampered!

Beauty & Butter first caught my eye when I saw their unique billboard in Guadalupe along EDSA (you see how influential billboards to me are?) featuring 3 women in raincoats and umbrellas against a bright yellow background. I think it has been established that women find it very therapeutic to get their nails done when they have a bad day.

What they say about themselves:
Beauty & Butter is the newest and trendiest one-stop pampering destination to hit the Metropolis. Offering the ultimate in self-expression by way of beautification, services include instant gratification via foot spas, paraffin treatments, customizable nail art, instant-facials and hair removal.
Bedecked in graphics reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland meets pop art, the interiors are both posh and comforting at the same time. Boasting 92 possible nail colors, complimentary movies and funkily dressed nail and beauty technicians, Beauty & Butter is the ultimate for the young and the young at heart!

I have to hand it to the salon for really giving the design a lot of thought.
The nail bar that greets you at the entrance
Large soft sofas to resto on, plus LCD screen televisions that show movies you can watch while getting your treatment
The sinks that are used for your feet

What about their service? All right, call me a sissy all you want but even if a manicurist is hurting me I don't have the heart to scream in agony...I have no idea why when I have no problem at all reprimanding those who irritate me! That's why my true test is whether they hurt the skin around my nails or not. And the verdict is...a little?

The manicurist who was working on me did not pay too much attention to how she was doing my toes. Oftentimes she would be gripping my foot like a vise.
I got myself a foot spa with pedicure as well as a manicure. The whole thing costs P680. I thought the foot spa wasn't all that--I've honestly had better ones at a lower price. The mani-pedi is cheaper than most nail spas, but the other treatments are a bit more expensive.

BUT--one thing that did stand out is that they let you use an iPAD while they do your nails. So I was facebook-ing while getting the pedicure while watching Bruce Almighty on the side. The modern sources of entertainment as well as the design of the place were a giant plus and worked to the nail spa's advantage.

Here's a shot of my nails (yup, they're gray! I think its already obvious that I like unusual nail colors. I didn't have the time to get the nail art but maybe I'll try that out next time):

And for those who are interested, their menu of services:

Will I return? I'm leaning a bit towards NO right now. I have honestly gotten better service and value for my money in other nail spas. Its sad though that I didn't have the best experience considering that I've read a lot of rave reviews on the place. Over-all, their concept is pretty good but there needs to be more improvement in the execution.
Maybe I'll get lucky next time I go and it will be better!


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