Friday, August 13, 2010

KOOLFEVER: A Super Gem Find!

I know I keep raving about some cool cheap stuff I see that's so good for everyday use that I wanted to open up a section here in the blog about SUPER GEM FINDS! Super gem finds are just that--products I see around which prove to be incredibly useful and helpful to me. And by sharing them with you guys, hopefully you also find them as great as I do.

My first SUPER GEM FIND is Kobayashi Kool Fever, which is a cooling gel sheet that's imported from Japan. Our lovely Japanese neighbors thought up of this not only for those who have fever or headaches, but also for those who feel sleepless, have toothaches, or feel discomfort from too much warmth in the body.

1. KOOLFEVER is ready to use as it is when anyone becomes feverish.
2. Because it tightly fits to the forehead, it is not displaced even if the wearer tunrs in bed.
3. Crisp and cool effects for about 8 hours per sheet.
4. Strong cooling sensation helps you feel more refreshed.
5. KOOLFEVER has the size perfectly fitted for adults' forehead.
The box contains 3 paper wrappers like these:
 That contain 2 sheets of these gel things:
All in all, there's 6 sheets.
You just peel off the paper wrapper, stick it to your forehead or any warm portion of your body, and voila! INSTANT RELIEF!
You can also cut this thing into strips so you can target specific areas of your body.

What I love about KOOLFEVER is that whenever I feel excessively warm (even after numerous baths) I just stick it on and let the coolness flow. I swear this gel strip lasts for a long time! Especially because we have such flip-flop weather here in the Philippines, its perfect if you want something soothing whenever you want.

A box of this costs Php152.75 in any Mercury Drug Store or supermarkets. They also have variants for kids and babies because the coolness varies for every age group.

Have you tried using KOOLFEVER? Do you like it as much as I do? 


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