Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chicken Charlie: Gobbling My Way Down to Chicken-y Heaven!

I have found MY chicken place. It is now the only place where I'll get my fix of this kind of double fried chicken dipped in soy sauce or chili sauce. I am definitely coming back to Chicken Charlie again and again and again!

Chicken Charlie is actually a pretty small resto with only 2 locations: there's one in Banaue in Quezon City, and one in San Juan near Wilson.

If you want to get a seat in time for dinner, make sure to get there early! I remember I got here around 6:30 an the place was empty save for 1 customer sitting down. But after only 15 minutes, the people just poured in. You have to queue in line and get your order. We got the 4 drumsticks + 4 wings combo with just the Soy Garlic Sauce.
Just in case you're wondering, the Cheesestick Dynamite is actually sili (with a little bit of cheese) wrapped in lumpia wrapper! A lot of people ordered this.

The chicken takes awhile to cook, because they fry it as soon as you order so its all fresh! While waiting, you can just read the wallpaper around the store! It just makes you hungrier because it describes the food so well. Don't those photos just make you hungry?
By the way they also have free WiFi so you can also amuse yourself using that while waiting for your food.
Then here comes the drinks and the utensils, and they give you a chicken bones bucket!

We also ordered drinks that caught our interest because its actually old school Sarsaparilla!

Kinda expensive at P90 a bottle, it does get you interested, right?
I got myself the Sarsaparilla, which actually tastes like muted down rootbeer!
Boyfriend got the Ginger Beer, which tastes a bit like salabat tea but carbonated. I didn't really like this and love the Sarsaparilla more.

We also ordered Potato Wedges (P45) which are hand-cut potatoes! These are good, but surprisingly the chicken tastes better with good ol' rice! comes the CHICKEN! Nom nom noooom!!! We got the 4 WINGS + 4 DRUMSTICKS COMBO (P288).
The chicken is just TOO GOOD. I swear the skin is wooooow. Very very crispy but also really flavorful! The meat inside wasn't dry at all, still pretty tender. I have to say that comparing this to Chicken Bonchon, the former is better for me because of the non-dryness inside.

I totally enjoyed my experience eating here, if I get any chicken craving I will definitely be coming back!

Chicken Charlie is located at J. Abad Santos in San Juan City. Its near Ristra's and Serenitea (which I have yet to try!!!). Open from 11am-9pm.


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