Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dollface 88 Color Eyeshadow Palette and Blush Palette Reviews

Look what somebody got as Christmas presents!!! Brand spanking new palettes from Dollface Cosmetics!

Don't you just love the minimalist packaging? I thought it looked very classy. Open them up and see these:
The palette above is the 88 Color Eyeshadow Palette while the one below is the 10 Piece Blush Palette.  

I'll start off with the eyeshadow palette. The colors are mostly matte and satin, and features tons of them:
You can totally see how many looks you can create from this palette alone! No more problems with groping around, finding the right color of eyeshadow because everything's all here. I like how vibrant each one is, and even though each shadow is potted at about a 50-centavo sized container, the palette will last you a long time!

The ingredients of the palette just in case you want to check if you're allergic to any before purchasing:

Some swatches of the shadows (because I can't swatch them all!):
I was a bit disappointed that the black was a bit on the lighter side, but I'm sure you can build it up more for the colors.
I'm not really a big fan of matte eyeshadows, I do prefer shimmer ones but I had someone get this for me because I wanted to give them a chance. I also own the shimmer counterpart of this palette and I prefer the latter than this one. But I guess I'll just have to try using it again for a couple more times to really see if I do like matte eyeshadows more.

On to the Blush Palette! I found it a bit strange that the black thing in between the pots is made out of foam, as compared with the shadow palette. It has a combination of both light and bright colored blushes to a highlighter as well as bronzers that are great for countouring.
Some swatches of the numbers above:
Shades 1, 2, 3 and 6 are a bit too light to be seen by the camera because they serve better as highlighters instead of blushes. My favorite has to be 7 and 9 because they're pretty unconventional blush colors! 4 is a bit too orange for my complexion though.


Over-all these palettes are good buys if you're looking to expand your make-up collection even on a budget!

Dollface 88 Color Eyeshadow Palette (P800) and the Blush Palette (P850) is available here for ordering! They have so many other palettes and brushes to choose from so try checking them out!


  1. the first three ingredients are not safe for use. aww.. i would have bought these sana.


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