Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holika Holika Face2Change Dial Gloss Review

If someone is going to Korea, particularly in Myeongdong, and you have no idea what to ask for (plus you like make-up or just looking pretty LOL), make them bring you home the Holika Holika Face2Change Dial Gloss. I swear you would be glad you did!

I've had this review stashed since FOREVER, and it has taken me ages to get it posted. I've been using this for more than 6 months, and it has never failed me.

The dial gloss comes in 6 shades, #1 Red, #2 Star Coral, #3 Pearly Purple, #4 Shine Pink and #5 Plum Pink. Mine is #5.

The gloss comes in a twisty stick form, one twist is enough for your lips. But I usually do 2 clicks so it has an impact on mine.

How the color looks like on my hand:
It's a gorgeous sheer pink that's suitable for all skin tones.

And...on the lips:

I love how this looks because its so clean-looking. Most glosses have an "oily" look to them, as if you've been gorging on fried chicken fat. This one is crisp and isn't sticky.

I'm not so sure on the price because this item was given to me as a gift. But there's a huuuuge Holika Holika flagship store in Myeongdong where you can buy it:
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