Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tony Moly Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint 02 Review

Let me tell you some of the things I hate in make-up: I hate goopy things, lipgloss (the sticky kind), and dipping my fingers into sticky things and having to clean my finger off afterwards--and still not succeeding because the stickiness just sticks there. As you can see, I am not a big fan of lip balms or lip gloss.

But seeing the Tony Moly Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint made me rethink this make-up philosophy. I was unable to resist its nice green hue and how it "magically" changes color the moment it touches your lips! I mean, that is quite intriguing, right?

I also loved its packaging, which looks very similar to the Tony Moly Black Gel Liner but has a more round edge. Its also very affordable, and its the first product (together with 2 facial masks I forgot to make a review on) I bought in the Tony Moly Philippines branch.

The lip tint actually comes in 3 colors, namely: 01 in Strawberry, 02 in Apple Green, and 03 in Grape.
What Tony Moly says:
It is a gel typed lip tint to make lips red.
It contains of Vitamin E derivatives which Promote Blood Flow and help to have a fast metabolism.
Have a soft, moist and elastic lips!
[HOW TO USE] Coat in brush or hand slightly and pat it on your lips and spread out. After a while, your lips will be natural and cute red-colors.

 Has a hint of green apple-ish scent, nothing too overpowering though. I love how solid the gel-like lip tint is!

After putting my finger on the lip tint, immediately turns into a pinkish color!

And now on my lips:
I've seen other reviews of this product, and the color outcome is different for all lip shades. My lips are on the reddish side and this is what turns out!
By the way, the lip tint isn't as sticky as it looks. One wipe of my finger on a tissue paper is enough to remove it entirely.
I like its appearance when applied; doesn't look like I've been gorging on lechon.

This lip tint is perpetually stashed inside my bag. Whenever I feel like going out sans heavy make-up, I usually go for just mascara and this lip tint. Instant gorgeousness!^^

The Tony Moly Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint 02 is only P198.00 and is available at all Tony Moly stores located in SM!


  1. waaau... I feel like buying this product now! haha... thanks for the review~


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