Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gelatissimo Now Open in Greenbelt 5!

Finally, the long wait is over! We passed by Greenbelt 5 and chanced upon catching Gelatissimo's soft opening today. I was curious to see how different (or similar?) this gelato shop would be compared to the others, so we eagerly went up to the counter despite the small crowd already gathered inside.

Ah, wonders never cease to amaze me. The small crowd was there because the owner was apparently handing out free samples for anyone who approached the counter. I was able to try out a total of 5 flavors: Vanilla, Mocha Nut Crunch, Lemon (which was too sour for me even though I love lemon flavored anything), Strawberry, and Choc Hazelnut. We eventually decided on getting 2 flavors, particularly the last two because these were the ones that left the most lasting impression on us. The owners are very accommodating and would heap samples on you if you look like you still can't decide.
We managed to grab a table despite so many people trying out the gelato! So what are my thoughts?
First, the gelato is very creamy. You would think its ice cream, except its not. Surprisingly, eating strawberry and choc hazelnut together isn't bad at all! I thought they were a bit lacking on the flavors but the owner explained that one of their gelato machines broke down. They were having a Christmas Chocolate Festival which is why most of their flavors right now are chocolate.
Second, I thought that the gelato needed more ingredients. The strawberry tasted fine, but as for the choc hazelnut, you would see nuts on top of the gelato when you order it but none are combined with the actual thing. I like my gelatos more of the fruity kind, but I am looking forward to trying out more of their flavors next time.
I would say not bad! If I was looking for dessert and happened to be in GB5, I would head for this place. 1 flavor costs around PHP110, 2 flavors cost PHP160, and 3 flavors cost around PHP195. Pretty pricey, but its Greenbelt 5, what did I expect?


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