Monday, December 7, 2009

Presidentiable #6: The Unknowns Part I: JC Delos Reyes

I admire people who run for President even without having anything under their belt to bolster their popularity with. Erap has his ads, Villar has his house in Tondo, and Gordon has his former position as Mayor of Olongapo.

This guy (who looks like a matinee idol in his polo barong) is JC Delos Reyes, a name I believe he should change because the only JC I have ever known was waay back in elementary school.  He is Ang Kapatiran's Presidential bet for 2010.

He was a councilor in Olongapo and part of the City council. Aside from those, that's pretty much all I know about him. 

In tonight's replay of ABS CBN's Presidential Forum, someone asked him how many houses did he have and how money he has in the bank. He said that he has a house in Baguio (which he built himself because he's apparently in the bricks business) and has a rent-to-own unit somewhere. He said that he has "negative 5 million" in his bank account due to his start-up business. Maybe he was a little exaggerating on this part, but oh well.

Although I admire those who still run without having the complete machinery to back them up, I also want candidates who are realistic. Someone who was a Councilor thinks he can become a President just like that? I don't know.

What I also do not like about this particular candidate is that when asked what he would do on his First 100 Days in Office if he is elected, he said he would go on a retreat to enable him to face the fact that he is now running a country. Shouldn't he be doing that NOW if he's really serious in running?


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