Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Akala mo walang Upper East sa Pinas? MERON KAYA!

Coming across a tweet from a friend which said: "http://bit.ly/74mQk6 ...sorry if you're connected to this restaurant somehow, but yuck. no effing way! - - - umm seriously?" Naturally curiousity made me click on the link and this is what I found:

Apparently UPPER EAST is a restaurant found in Salcedo Village, Makati. Whoever penned the write-up sounds like someone stuck a foot down somewhere. Their words of encouragement make me want to dine there so bad just to establish that I am part of the upper class of Philippine society (which I am not):

Just don't expect to dine whenever you want to.

After all, UPPER EAST is not always open for business. We close our doors when we want to, and we certainly won't wait around for guests who, frankly, need to get a move on. No lunch is served after 1 p.m. and no dinner after 9 p.m.

UPPER EAST is not for scrooges and stiffs. We tolerate sharing, although it's not exactly de rigeur, is it? As for splitting? The fine is set at P250, not including our wait staff looking down their noses at you.

This is the UPPER EAST experience. And this is the price you pay... if you can get in.

From the above, I'm guessing that it's an inexpensive place because that's the kind of service you get.

The restaurant is ran by students and teachers from AHA, which stands for American Hospitality Academy. I have honestly never heard of that school. I'm sure they've eventually churned out great chefs, but if the chefs they create are those that think they're more important than others, well I'm not expecting anyone to dine in there even if they don't want to.

Has anyone eaten here? Is the write-up as correct as they want it to be or is it just a trying hard tactic to get people to talk about them?

Whoops! Totally forgot to give the link to their website: http://www.ahaphil.com/uppereast.html


  1. with a write up like that you think they'd have something to back it up. i'm never going to try the food, so i won't even go there.

    ambience sucks. can you say tacky? those chandeliers that they talk so proudly about don't look good witht the surroundings. i suggest they hire an inerior designer...or fire the one they used. and since we're talking about firing, they should do the same to their writer.

    saw pics of the food, and it looks cheap. diner'ish. i've been to some pretty nice restaurants, and this place is a far far cry from even a dive bar in the Mission District of SF.

    such a waste, because if i passed by the place, i might be swayed to try it, if i was hungry and there was no other restaurant for miles. but now because of their write-up, i'm steering clear from it.

    it's really funny that the owner should approve such copywriting. the owener should travel more.

  2. hi danni! thanks for the comment!

    the write-up really does nothing for their reputation. i agree, if they want to establish themselves as a high-class restaurant, they have to do it without sounding pompous and actually base their self-praise with something. it sounds like they're only riding the gossip girl wave with the use of the name.


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