Saturday, December 5, 2009

Watch Ninja Assassin NOW! (and forget about those stupid vampires please)

All right I'll admit it. I am an avid RAIN (Jung Ji-hoon) fan (omg if you don't know who he is STOP READING THIS--no wait I was only kidding!), I've been his fan ever since he released his "It's Raining" album, have watched all his soaps, his movies, and now that he has had the success of having a starring role in a Hollywood flick, I of course had to support this.

I honestly had second thoughts about watching it, because a lot of reviews compared it to Kill Bill which I detested. I didn't like how it was unnecessarily bloody and gory. But hey, this was Rain, so my sister and I even attended a special screening for Rain fans just to watch it:

LOL ultimate fangirl-ness has to pose with the topless picture.

I seriously did not expect it to be good. But thank God I was wrong! It wasn't a purely macho flick that only guys would enjoy themselves, it was very entertaining, and the chemistry between the Asian actor and the American actress wasn't forced. The action scenes were great, yes it was pretty bloody, but I thought it was okay because there were so many people getting smacked around anyway.

This post is actually a campaign for you to go out and catch the film while you can. I've already watched it twice, and was surprised that a lot of people were also watching it on a weeknight. It's already on its 2nd week and it's popularity is due to word-of-mouth opinions on how good it is! Go go go waaatch!:D


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