Sunday, July 19, 2009

Keeping the Park Clean: Park Jun's Beauty Lab

Talk about getting a hair-cut based on impulse alone! I would have to admit that I wasn't scheduled for my bi-monthly trim, nor did I even need it. But after hearing so many things about Park Jun's Beauty Lab, I just had to rush myself over and give it a try. I blame it entirely on the weather! The rain was depressing and I needed a little perk me-up.

As soon as you enter the salon, you are greeted by their warm and friendly Filipino staff who understand what it is you're exactly looking for. I brought my guy friend along so he could share the experience with me since he told me he needed a new place to get his hair cut. So after scanning the price list, (more like HAIR MENU since they give it to you inside a menu) he decided on letting Jinny Kim give him his 1st official Korean 'do, while I picked Kino Lee.

The salon is made up of two floors, an assistant leads you down a flight of stairs (past the VIP room where you can request for some private salon time) to the main floor where the magic happens. There I meet my stylist, Artistic Director Kino Lee, who looks like he stepped out of a Koreanovela in a plaid polo shirt and ripped denim pants, who upon shaking my hand, led me courteously towards my seat.

I explain to him what I want, the thick straight bangs that have been the current rage in K-pop girl bands (i.e. 2ne1's C.L.), and he explains to me the process he would do. Mr. Kino, as I now call him, is very very friendly. Maybe it has to do with the fact that he's so close to my age, but he can easily engage me in conversation. Me, who doesn't like talking to people in the parlor unless to specify what I want them to do...or complain because of the inadequate service.

He talked to me about seeing Paris Hilton as well as Beyonce while he was in Korea! Super laughtrip, he told me Paris looked orange and looked different from TV. He was telling me that he has a harder time communicating with Filipinos because of the language barrier, but don't worry, I could understand him perfectly. He will ask you before he does anything to your hair, like for me he asked me first if I wanted my bangs to be rounded around my forehead.:) He also gave me specific instructions how to blow dry my bangs to maintain their shape especially around the area of my part. Now all I need to do is get myself a hair dryer.

My guy friend also shared his rave reviews, I think he has already developed a crush on Style Director Jinny Kim, because she is sooo sooo cute! If you are like most typical guys who have no idea what to do with your hair, go to Jinny and tell her exactly this. She will whip out her book and you can choose what you want. Extremely helpful, because you will now what the ending result will be and not spend the entire time fidgeting around on your seat thinking what the hell the stylist is doing. She also taught him how to style his hair using wax.

Creative Director Maiya Noh was also around the salon, looking amazingly young for someone who's 31. I saw her give a female customer a short bob which looked excellent. It looked trendy as well as wearable for everyday use.

Stylist Aldous Ong, the only Filipino hairdresser, was unfortunately not around when we got there (around 7:3opm on a Friday), but I heard he's the guy to ask for when you want to try their revolutionary Volume Magic Wave, which is a combo of a volume rebonding + a wave perm.

Over-all rating: 9/10. Mr. Kino did my cut as well as blew dry my hair, making the 1,000php I paid for his services worth it. He pays the most attention to you and will not attend to another customer until he is finished with you. I highly recommend this salon to everyone who wants to add some flair into their hairstyle.

Wondering how my hair-cut turned out? Here I am! I was so satisfied with their services, this is the first time I took a picture of myself after a hair-cut. Mr. Kino gave me exactly what I want! The salon will be sure to have my patronage everytime I need a new hairstyle.

Here's a list of the prices of their other services (click to enlarge!):

Park Jun's Beauty Lab is located at the G/F Glorietta 3, Ayala Center, Makati City beside Hard Rock Cafe. Call them at 819-3001 to 02.


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