Thursday, July 2, 2009

Yellow will never be the same yellow without Cory Aquino

 If people all over the world were to think of the Philippines, they oftentimes connote this country to be one overridden with poverty, corruption, and hunger. Oftentimes they may be right in their judgment, as the usual statistics would show, our country isn't exactly riding high on being well-ff right now.

But as far as Philippine leaders go, there are just a few who can be said to have impressed such a mark upon every Filipino, especially if that leader is a woman. 

Corazon Aquino, whose term began in 1986 and ended in 1992 (around the time when I was born), was the first Filipina President. Although some say that she was a 'mere housewife', her education and compassion to her country made her a leader. As a daughter, I believe that mothers have a certain something that makes them competent enough to run a country. Mothers run households everyday, resolve conflicts, and basically try to make ends meet. Being a President is like being a mother, which is what the former President was able to give to every Filipino.

Of course, this being Pinay Glamourista, credit has to be given to Mrs. Aquino on how she transformed the color yellow. Although not as flamboyantly dressed as Imelda Marcos, her yellow suits commanded respect (her daughter Kris certainly did not get her fashion sense from her mother).This writer believes that if Cory wore yellow sundresses instead of the matching boxy attire that she did, her image would not have been the same. People that time wouldn't have took her seriously. Of course, something would be clearly wrong with you if you were more than 50 years old and still wearing yellow sundresses. Her crisp yellow, as opposed to Ferdinand Marcos' commanding red clearly showed change as what Filipinos were looking for. Politicians running nowadays should take note of how color defines a person. Yes this is a shout-out to you, Bayani Fernando.

Mrs. Aquino was rushed to the ICU of Makati Med the other day, with the members of her family taking turns in watching her. As most of you know, she has colon cancer and has been battling the sickness for sometime now. She was moved out of the ICU yesterday and was said to be mildly improving. In the midst of all these, her friends and supporters have been continuously praying for her health. They are currently holding novena masses everyday at 12:15 pm at the Greenbelt chapel since yesterday until July 9, 2009.

Her official website has also been opened for the public to post their messages of love and concern. Show your support to the greatest woman who wore yellow here:


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