Monday, September 21, 2009

Blotting Oil Out of Your Fez: MAC Blot Pressed Powder

I call this product my little "miracle worker", because it does amazing wonders for me who has extremely oily skin!
My derma used to tell me that having oily skin was a blessing because it means that I would get my share of wrinkles later on than most people would. But that doesn't change the fact that I look extremely shiny in pictures!

I discovered this product when I went to the newly opened MAC in Rockwell together with my friend Lamb. It costs PHP1200, and I bought it as birthday gift for myself because I'm not really a fan of expensive make-up products (although Nars and MAC are the exception to the rule!).

Description of the product says that the powder sets and finishes your face. What absorbs the oil are the key ingredients of Silica and Mica. The color descriptions are somehow misleading though, because my shade was actually Medium-Dark when as you've seen, my skin is fair. Before choosing your color, test it first! Although it comes on sheer and is not noticeable, I'm not that sure what it's effect will be on other skin colors.

What I love about the product is that you can use it for frequent touch-ups during the day and it's not noticeable that you've layered something on--aside from the fact that the oil magically disappears from your T-zone. Believe me, I know, because oil blotting papers do not work on me!

Also, it comes in a nice, professional-looking case that's easy to bring in your handbag. I don't like the powder puff that comes with it, better if you use a brush to apply it on your face.
Fun tip: Did you know that MAC stands for Make-up Art Cosmetics?:)


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