Sunday, September 6, 2009

BeScene Fashion Registry with Metro, MEGA, and Preview

Definitely a very delayed post, but forgive me because there were so many pressing things to do!

Powerplant Mall decided that it was finally time to give back to their loyal customers by creating the BeScene Fashion Registry. The first 150 guests who went were given a PowerStyle card, good for freebies and discounts in certain stores.

The event was celebrated by having the top 3 fashion magazines (Metro, MEGA, and Preview) in the Philippines with their stylists choose their favorite items at participating stores. Guests had the chance of winning these if their own wish list was picked at the end of the night. 

Me and "Lamb" together with our other friend "Baconator" (not in this picture obviously) were able to go to both MEGA's and Preview's top picks.:D Had a lot of fun going around the stores and looking at all the nice things! Sadly none of us won the raffle, but it was a good experience, nonetheless.

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