Sunday, September 27, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy

I wanted to take this time to write an entry in order to thank the Lord for keeping me and my family safe and keeping a roof over our heads during this time of trouble. The entire Metro Manila has been in submerged waters, rescue reliefs have been coursed throughout the day, and still so many are left at the mercy of this natural disaster.

Today the rain did not stop pouring and the water level kept rising outside our house. The water outside my friend's house inside the same village reached past their gate, even beyond their lantern lamps! Thankfully they are safe!

My dad went out at around 10 in the morning to have the car fixed in Marikina. He got stuck right before the San Mateo road on his way home. He only came home at 11pm. What's important is that he's safe here.

We also had to rescue our cousins who lived in the next village because the water entered their house, to the point that the refrigerator was already floating! The water level was already up to the thighs and it's a good thing we were able to get them ahead of time!

We also had to save our cars from the incoming flood and we were able to take them to a safe place.

I know so many Filipinos out there are in worse situations, and please do pray for them. I felt that a miracle happened earlier because after my family prayed the rosary, the rain stopped. Prayers can do so much and is very effective, so please do so...

If you can also spare to give a donation, donate to Red Cross: text RED AMOUNT to 2899 for Globe or 4483 for Smart. Try to donate even for only PHP20.

Also, relief operations at the Ateneo will continue this morning. Volunteers will be welcome at the MVP Center starting 3AM. Please proceed to the MVP Center lobby. Thank you!


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