Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Great great finds @ Rockwell Urban Bazaar

I have to admit I was a doubter. But last Aug.28, 2009, I became a believer!!!

I entirely blame my friend whom I shall hide behind the name "Lamb", because she was the one who persuaded me to go inside the Rockwell Urban Bazaar. I went in with little expectations, trying to keep in mind that I already spent a hundred buckaroos on the entrance alone and would only buy an item if and only if I really really wanted it.

But wow once I got inside, I spotted great great stuff that are definitely worth sharing on my blog:

1) Frou Frou's Rockstar Bomb (PHP650)

Definitely perfect with black leggings (Topshop) and gladiator sandals (Charles and Keith). One thing I always do when shopping for clothes, I make an inventory of everything I can pair it with so I will not buy anything in vain. Looks exactly like the top I was looking for that Dara had on in one of her band's (2ne1) performances:

(photo courtesy of 2ne1 Fashion Evolution)

For more info, go to:

2) Studded gold buckle belt (PHP600)

You guys might kill me and say that the belt was real pricey, but I thought it was a good bargain because it makes all the outfits I wore pop and is very easy to partner with anything! Most of the belts I see around retails for over a thousand bucks so it was worth it.

My friend Lamb was actually able to buy 3 dresses, 1 skirt, and a necklace all for around PHP3,000. Very very much a bargain, and 2 of those dresses came from Frou Frou, which is now our favorite brand. I actually did not spend as much I wanted because I just bought new shoes the past week, but if I didn't, I would have used up all my resources, tee-hee! Retail therapy has to be the best therapy ever!


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