Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Presidentiable #3: ERAP, TATAKBO ULIT?

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I remember seeing this ad and thinking how nutty Erap is, actually consenting to something like this. And then it suddenly hit me, like a pile of bricks that he is seriously thinking about running again.

Sure enough, yesterday the newspaper comes blaring out with the heading that ERAP IS 99.9% SURE THAT HE IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT. Is this guy insane? I have no idea. Do not let me get into the constitutional issues that abound this thing, because I bet it will all just go in circles.

Has everyone already forgotten the perjury raps? Can 1 ad cure everything that has happened in the past? During his presidency?

Hopefully not.

But I have to admit, Erap's face on 0:33 was one big HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

My thoughts on Mar Roxas' stepping down and allowing Noynoy to run as President soon. Still collecting whatever is left of my sanity. One thing's for sure though, I am definitely not voting Noynoy for President.


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