Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Search for Who to Follow Next on Twitter

What's great about having celebs in Twitter is that the website actually verifies their accounts so you'll definitely know if there's a faker lurking around unlike for other social sites such as the now extinct Friendster and Multiply.

If you're like me and you sometimes just look for who to follow next on Twitter, why not try following a local celeb? Admit it, no matter how sosyal you claim to be, when an artista is in the same room as you are you can't help stealing glances at them (sabay sabi ng: UY SI _____! Siya ba 'yan? Bakit ang iba ng itsura niya sa TV?)! Now its even better, you can actually see their daily updates and talk to them (some are extremely generous and do respond to your requests).

Well, Twitter doesn't exactly verify whether the local celeb is a true account, nevertheless judging from the same people who they mention in their tweets, you'll be assured that its the same person you see on TV.

SPOT.PH presents to you a list of the most followed local celebs on Twitter. Let's get the Top 5 and see what they have to say:

1. Anne Curtis

Followers: To be on top of the list means you have a LOT of followers, and as for her case, she has a total of 104,808 followers! 

Following: Claudine Barretto, Zsa Zsa Padilla, an Anne Curtis Kapamilya fan club, Mar Roxas, Lea Salonga, Noynoy Aquino (ok we now know who she's voting for this 2010)

Tweets: 2,167

Best to take note of: How gorgeous she looks on her profile picture as well as her background. This girl is whooooooaaa.

2. Bianca Gonzales

Followers: 89,760, a far cry from above's over 100k.

Following: Oprah Winfrey, Efren Penaflorida, Iza Calzado, Gang Badoy, Noynoy and Mar (are all Kapamilya stars going to vote for them?)

Tweets: 3,361

Best to take note of: Her profile pic which looks like it was taken from her laptop webcam. Or cellphone? I honestly find her boring as paper (do not take those lines of...but she's an Atenean! She leads the youth!--ramblings with me. She's just boring!)

3. Ruffa Gutierrez

Followers: Its close to 2nd, but she's only got 82,546. Probably because her tweets are protected and you have to request to see them...which I did. What can I say I looooove this woman!

Following: Lindsay Lohan (loooove it!), Ivanka Trump (omg we follow the same people), Lady Gaga, Ricky Martin, Paris Hilton, Mariah Carey...see? Celebs love celebs as well.

Best to take note of: She guards her tweets unlike others who are found on this list. And this is the first time I learned that Gutierrez is spelled with only one T.

4. KC Concepcion

Followers: A mere 74,636 as compared to the Ruffita.

Following: Bianca Gonzales, Denise Laurel, former US Ambassador Kristie Kenney, Ruffita, Nicole Richie, Tim Yap, Britney Spears

Tweets: has she been on Twitter just lately?

Best to take note of: Aaaaaaaack I hate this girl! I will never EVER follow her! She doesn't even know how to act nor sing, and I have NO IDEA why they still make her do it! And I am so sick and tired of hearing her say she's been to Paris. Wow yeah so have a million other people. Nobody cares!!! (Rant end)

5. Mariel Rodriguez

Followers: 70,863

Following: Yup, she's voting for Noynoy. Enough said. Okay fine, I'll be nice and I'll put in who she's been following. There's Valerie Concepcion, K Brosas, Sam Milby, Chokoleit, Kris Aquino (who never updates), and RR Enriquez who has this hideous picture of herself 

Tweets: 1,174

Best to take note of: She favorited this tweet of her fan that said..."gorgeous_caren @itsmemarielt i think you have the making of next kris aquino.. you're both intelligent, witty and worth watching for.." Guess we now know who her idol is?

Other people you might be interested in following: POKWANG! Or otherwise known as Marietta Subong.

Or you can try...ME! Which celebrity do you love to follow and why?


  1. I actually follow KC on twitter (please don't shoot me!) and for a girl that has all the education and class the way she formats her tweets are annoying! I know 140 characters isn't much but hey, I can come up with tweets that do not contain any "textspeak". I don't know if she does this to give an impression to her followers that she's down to earth but it irritates me. Maybe it's time to unfollow. *End of rant* :)

  2. haha i guess its okay to follow KC...but yeah i did see the way she shortens her tweets when i visited her twitter page. you're right its probably to show that she's so down to earth. i dunno, everything about her seems too much about outward appearances.

    what she needs to do is to get on a diet together with richard gutierrez.


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