Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Adidas Philippine Range: Another Excuse to Wear Red, White and Blue Together

Adidas finally gives us another reason to wear our country's colors with their all new Philippine Range line (featuring Mr. Pogi himself, John Lloyd Cruz as the standard flagbearer). The product also has Iza Calzado, the boys from Boys Night Out, Chris Tiu, Lia Cruz, and Enrico Villanuenva among others endorsing it.

The jacket, shirt and bag is available this month!  

At the risk of being called unpatriotic, well, I'm not really excited for this because I feel like Philippine icons and such have been overused these past 2 years. I know nothing beats wearing your country's colors proudly, but it just seems that every brand is jumping the patriotic bandwagon. Do you guys know what I mean? There's too much Ninoy/Cory paraphernalia (and we all know its just a secret code of Bench campaigning for Noynoy), red blue and white items, just about everything has to be Philippine-themed.

I feel that the country's colors are not as sacred as they used to be. I bet you can debate with me on might say that at least the youth, the people, everyone else is finally cherishing our Philippine heritage. But maybe make them recite the Panatang Makabayan or sing the Lupang Hinirang in full first before we say that nationalism is really alive.

Wasn't there a law before that forbid using the Philippine flag's colors? Or is it just "wearing" it that was forbidden?

But...I might feel differently about it if someone gives me this bag:

The jacket costs PHP3,295 while the bag and shirt costs PHP1,495, available in selected Adidas shops.


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