Saturday, February 13, 2010

Beauty & Minerals' Kabuki Brush + Monave Blush Review

Call me totally out of touch, but as much as a make-up whore as I am, I am still pretty much a newborn to the whole mineral make-up concept. I got curious when I noticed my friend using it on an everyday basis. It got me thinking, is there really a difference?

I guess I never bothered with the thought because ordinary make-up doesn't make me break-out nor cause other imperfections. But I think mineral make-up is a godsend for those who do. I finally got around to buying myself my first mineral make-up blush from Beauty & Minerals, together with a Charm kabuki brush, courtesy of their Charm Luxe Kabuki Promo (Get the Charm Luxe Kabuki and a Beauty & Minerals minipot mineral for only P880! The minipot turns out to be only P300, so you save P50!).
I got my order around 2 days ago (delivery was very prompt after payment), and here it is:I ordered this set thinking that I could use the Kabuki brush for my MAC press powder (because their powder puff totally sucks) and use the pouch as storage for both. No, so wrong! The pouch and the brush was smaller than I expected. Its about this big:
I also compared it to the size of my iPOD Classic. Its around 3/4 of it.
But size aside, the brush is very soft. Its made of vegan hair, meaning its synthetic. I don't really like the idea of having animal hairs on my brushes so this is good for me. I also love the color! The hairs do not come apart while you use it. No falling hairs for this brush.
IMPT NOTE: After a few months of using the brush, I washed it ONCE, and the glue that held the metal part is coming apart from the actual brush. I don't mean that the hairs are falling apart, but the metal part is coming OFF. Makes me regret getting this because how will I use it hygienically if I can't wash it!?!?
Next up is the blush. I took my chances in choosing this shade because obviously, you can't swatch what you see on their website. I was disappointed when I first opened it and swiped some on my hand and saw how many shimmers it had. (Totally hate shimmery anything unless its for your eyes) But oh well, I had yet to try it on my face so I was hoping it would get better.
And it did! I'm impressed with how subtle it brightens up my cheeks. I had to build up the color a little to get this shade though I used an ordinary blush brush for it. I like the texture of the kabuki brush as compared to my previous powder brush. Its softer and less rough on my skin.So there's my 1st mineral make-up experience. I doubt if I'll ever be getting more of these babies because I'm sticking to my chemicals. I'm just glad I got to experience it and judge for myself on what the hype on mineral make-up is all about.
CHARM Kabuki Brush + MONAVE mineral blush in Mystic Rose = PHP880 + 70 (shipping fee) = PHP950 all available at Beauty and Minerals.


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