Sunday, February 7, 2010

How to Clean Your Make-Up Brushes (The Cheaper Way!)

I used to not clean my make-up brushes all the time because I hated using up too much of my brush cleaner. I thought it was a waste of money to buy brush cleaners all the time! Pretty nasty, huh? I know! I really want to kick myself whenever I remember this. Not only was it totally unhygienic, it was a stupid reason for not cleaning them.

My product of choice then was Elianto's Brush Cleaner, costs a whopping PHP600, which some people might say is a steal for the price, but then again when you use your brushes everyday and have to clean them, well it does get burdensome on the pocket.

Thankfully, my favorite guru, Michelle Phan, posted a video on how she cleans her brushes the cheap way. Its actually simple!

If you don't want to watch the video, here's how to do it:

1) Buy yourself an ANTI-BACTERIAL Liquid Hand Soap. Remember the anti-bacterial word because this is crucial to disinfecting your brushes to get rid of the accumulated bacteria. I suggest using Dial's Liquid Hand Soap in Gold, you can usually find it in any supermarket. I also use the huge hand liquid soap that Watsons has, in lavender.:)

2) Squeeze a few drops of the soap on a small plate. Totally optional, but if you want your brushes to be extra moisturized, add a bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3) Dip your brush into your mixture and swirl it around to coat it in.

4) Place the end of the brush on the palm of your hand and move it around back and forth (see picture! But to give you an idea, just move the brush as if you're drawing lines to get the make-up out) against your skin to get the make-up out. Use the front and back of your hand if necessary, and just wash it off if its already completely covered in make-up. Repeat until the brush stops secreting anything!

5) After you're done doing this to all your brushes, just rinse everything through COLD running water until it runs clear.

6) Pat the brushes dry with a TABLE NAPKIN. Ordinary toilet paper can leave lint on your brushes.

7) Line your brushes on a spread-out table napkin and let them dry. And voila! Squeaky clean brushes that aren't dry!

Michelle's tips also say: Its best if you can clean your foundation, concealer and eyeliner brushes everyday because these are the main tools you use for the sensitive areas of your face such as your waterline. You can clean your eyeshadow brushes less often.

I hope you guys can try this out because this can really save your money and will encourage you to clean your brushes more. Let me know how your experience was and remember, it pays to be cheap in the simplest of ways.:D


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