Friday, June 11, 2010

Finding a New Schoolbag with Charles & Keith

I know a lot of lucky students out there are only starting their school on Tuesday, June 15 and are now scrambling around buying school supplies such as pens, paper, pencils, planners, highlighters, etc. But an essential item that we all have to keep in mind is the SCHOOL BAG.
The problem though is that most of us aren't in elementary school anymore who have the luxury to just lug around a nice flashy pink stroller and just stuff all our school things in and wheel it around. We need something that's stylish, roomy and comfortable.

I was on the hunt for a new school bag today (yeah sue me, school already started last Monday and I only looked for one now) and sure enough, I found the perfect one from my favorite store, Charles and Keith!
This bag absolutely screamed at me to get it. Like I saw it and it just yelled, I'M YOUR SCHOOL BAG! (Btw that's how crazy I am, it's exactly how I shop. I only get things that scream TAKE MEEE!) The leather feels extremely nice and its just so perfect (for me).
I love love loooove how roomy and spacious it is without looking too bulky:
I can't believe my biggest law school books can fit in so easily inside this bag! It's a dream come true! I seriously have the hardest time buying bags because I'm not a bag person and I'm so happy I was able to buy something that fits my criteria.
This bag retails for P2,299.00 in Charles & Keith. 


  1. Hi, i am finding that c&k bag. can you please tell me the model name? thank you so much!

  2. sorry, i don't really know the model name, but i guess you can show this photo to the c&k SA's. although i haven't seen this bag being sold as of now, i bought this way back in june.

  3. binibinta nyo po? hehehe.. im looking for that same style and brand but i cant find one :-(

  4. Nope sorry im not selling it!:)


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