Monday, June 14, 2010

GEO Super Size Angel Brown Review

I got a new pair of circle lens and it arrived last Thursday together with a few cosmetics (reviews on those in the future to come!). I've been wanting to get a brown pair and I took my chances and got one with a 14.8mm diameter. That's pretty big for me since my previous lens which are the GEO Love Violet and GEO Fresh Grey are a mere 14mm and the latter is I think smaller.

I got my lenses from JapCandy and here's how they make sure they don't budge at all:

After you take apart the packaging, here's how it looks like still inside their bottles. The lenses are carefully sealed in so you have to be careful not to cut yourself while opening them.

The trick is to first lift up the rubber cap, DO NOT twist it off yet, and use the cap (that orange thing) to take apart that metal ring by pulling sidewards. You can use a pair of scissors to lift up that orange cap so you wont hurt yourself.
There, then the cap is finally off! And now, what the lenses look like in their case:
Looks perfectly harmless until you put them on! I swear these circle lenses are huuuge, it really gives of a gigantic dolly effect to your innocent pupils.
These are literally taking over my entire eye! Just look at how my eye on the left looks like compared to my normal eye on the right. Ginormous...
Honestly I'm a bit hesitant to wear this out in public because of its size. But I trust I will get used to it eventually. Its comfortable and there was no occurrence of any irritation. The brown is easily seen especially when you're in the light. Take note, these pictures were taken WITHOUT flash, how much more if there were?

You can purchase the GEO Super Size Angel Brown at Japanese Candy Online. This was already on-hand, hence no pre-ordering needed.

By the way I have astigmatism and a really low grade so I don't use lenses that have grades. I suggest that if you do have the same ailment as I do and cannot afford very expensive toric lenses, use the ones that are just in PLANO or in zero grade.


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