Friday, June 18, 2010

To Thread or Not to Thread?

I don't know about you, but eyebrows can do so much wonders (or non-wonders) for one's face. Since we're girls, we have to take charge of the bushy-ness growing within from our face, our arms, down to the barest parts. There is nothing as shocking as a uni-brow and fortunately, there are various methods for removing the hair up there.
How do you maintain your eyebrows? I go with the slow but powerful process of threading. Some who are skillful enough go with plucking or shaving their own brows.

It's interesting to know that threading is actually an ancient practice used to remove the hair in Asian countries, specifically in Saudi Arabia, India, and Vietnam. I was equally surprised to see a lot of threading kiosks in malls at New Jersey when I went to the US. Just imagine sitting there for the entire world to see with your hair being taken out. Yikes!

For those who are unaware, the process involves the technician (or threader?) using a long piece of thread to pull along the tiny hairs on your face. The thread actually works as a mini-lasso and plucks the hair out quickly. If you're not used to plucking, get ready to tear up a bit! But I have to say its less painful than plucking your facial hairs out with a tweezer.
What I mostly like about threading is that it's done super fast and there's no fear of over-tweezing. It's also better to thread your eyebrows instead of shaving them because when they grow out, the hairs become coarser.

Threading services are usually offered in beauty salons where they can range from the super expensive to the cheap ones. Here are some suggested places:

1) Browhaus in Serendra, The Fort- P580
2) Bench Fix- P150
3) Acqua Salon in Trinoma- P120 
4) Headzone in Trinoma- P120
5) Lay Bare- P100

My go-to place for anything hair removal is Lay Bare, especially because they are the most inexpensive of the bunch. The techinicians also work quickly--as there are a lot of customers to serve! Make sure to book an appointment with them if you want to get your brows done, or risk waiting for a long time!


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