Friday, June 11, 2010

Korea Post #2: (Must-see places) LOTTE WORLD + LOTTE STAR AVENUE!

There are a lot of theme parks in Seoul, and naturally you only have time to visit ONE on your trip. If I were you, I would head over to Lotte World instead of Everland (which also has a zoo, if you like that kind of thing) especially when you come during the cold times.

Me clowning around at the subway station 

Lotte World is located in Seoul, so to get there, we had to ride the train from Myeong-dong (where our hotel was located) to the Jamsil Station, Subway Line 2 & 8. The theme park can be located at Exit #4. The subway system in Korea is so easy and convenient to use. Don't worry if you can't speak a thing in Korean, there are English signs all over so you won't get lost.

The theme park is composed of so many parts, but basically there's an outdoor theme park called 'Magic Island' as well as an indoor theme park.
 Magic Island, which has a castle similar to another castle in Disneyland
The indoor theme park with more rides inside plus a live stage where many K-pop artists perform

There's also an ice skating rink below which you can use for a discounted price if you get day passes to Lotte World.
What's great about Lotte World is that there are so many rides around the park and you can do so much stuff! There are also scheduled shows to keep you entertained while taking a breather from the crazy rides. But if you're not into that, there are good food and fun sites to see. 
With some mascots...the right guy looks suspiciously like the Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland...the grasshopper on the left is suppose to be the Mad Hatter I guess?
Me chomping on grilled corn smothered in butter complete with my bunny ears which you can buy at the park. Its not a Korean experience unless you buy yourself animal ears!

I love roller coasters and anything that goes fast, so through so much pleading and prodding, I finally convinced my sister to ride with me. (Use the "we'll never come back to Korea" card, it'll definitely work!)
We tried this ride called the Atlantic Adventure which looked like an innocent roller coaster. Turns out its not! This ride is super fast and you just zip along holding on to the front handles on your seat through the rails AND water. We were moved up to the front seat since we were only 2 wrong!!! (Yes, that's us at the front-most seat...)
Btw this is Big Bang's favorite ride in Lotte World, so if you're a VIP, you better brave this and ride it! 

Traitorous Atlantic Adventure! While waiting in line, they play this ominous music to get you all scared. Which is aptly fitting for the ride.

We also tried the world-famous Gyro Drop. I thought this would be worse than Atlantis, but it wasn't. This thing is 30 stories high and you get a nice view of the river. For about a minute. It just takes you sloooooooowly upwards, gives you a second to enjoy the view, then SWOOOOOOOOOOSHHHHH DOOOOOOWN YOUUUUUUU GOOOOOOOOOOO...then stop. Actually it was pretty fun, I wouldn't have minded riding it again.   
Gyro Drop: Can't believe I survived this! But it was a nice ride. 

The next ride we tried was actually a smaller version of the Gyro Drop, called the Bungee Drop, but I think it was more headache inducing because it actually went up and down, up then uppp, then down again.
That's us next to some mighty-scared teenage Korean boys

Another nice place you can go to in Lotte World is Lotte Star Avenue. If you're a fan of the Hallyu wave, then this is the best place to go! Its a mini-museum featuring Korea's most famous k-pop artists and it has their memorabilia. Entrance is free if you have a day pass for Lotte World.
Us in front of the signage! That long hallway is free though, so you don't need to pay extra or have a Lotte World Day pass to look around 
Buh-buh-big Baaang! Their handprints on the wall. We had no idea who's hand it was so we just took a wild guess 
You can also send a fan letter to your favorite artist that's featured there. I sent an email telling Rain to PLEASE COME TO THE PHILIPPINESSSSS!!!

You can also get your picture taken with standees of their hallyu artists or get in costume and have a picture taken of your favorite Korean drama. My sister did this and it was pretty cheap to have it done, she chose Daejanggeum (Jewel in the Palace) and I have to say the picture came out well! No picture for those parts though because we were forbidden to take them.

All in all, if you plan to go to Lotte World, schedule it for an entire day, because there's too many things to do!  
Lotte World Rates:
* Day (09:30 - 23:00)
1) Admission
Adults 24,000 won (PHP960) / Youths 21,000 won (PHP840) / Children 18,000 won (PHP720)
2) Passport
Adults 35,000 won (PHP1400) / Youths 30,000 won (PHP1200) / Children 26,000 won (PHP1040)

* Afternoon (16:00 - 23:00)
1) After 4 Admission (16:00 - 23:00)
Adults 21,000 won (PHP840) / Youths 18,000 won (PHP720) / Children 16,000 won (PHP640)
2) Night 7 Admission (19:00 - 23:00)
Adults 14,000 won (PHP560) / Youths 12,000 won (PHP480) / Childrem 10,000 won (PHP400)
3) Passport
Adults 28,000 won (PHP1120) / Youths 24,000 won (PHP960) / Children 20,000 won (PHP800)
Tip: As you arrive at the airport, look for Lotte World brochures in the Information desks because they offer discount coupons! Also, its more sulit if you get the Day Passport because you can spend the whole time at the theme park if you're someone who likes rides.

Lotte Star Avenue Rates:
Adults: KRW 10,000 /  PHP400
Children: KRW 7,000 / PHP200 (children over 37 months of age)

And the last picture is of my wonderful Daddy, who turned 50 this year and celebrated his and my mom's 25th wedding anniversary and made this amazing trip to Seoul happen...and just because he had to do it:


  1. Lotte World sounds fun!
    I hope I get to visit Korea in time. This is the place where most of the Korean variety shows film at, right? I recognized the infamous drop rides.

  2. yup you're right! a lot of variety shows film some of their fun segments there...maybe because jamsil is so close to the network stations!^^


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