Thursday, June 24, 2010

Max's Chicken-All-You-Can Promo: Only P165 for Unlimited Chicken!

Have you guys tried the Max's CHICKEN-ALL-YOU-CAN that's on-going in ALL their branches right now? Its unlimited chicken for only P165 and you can avail of it everyday from 6-10PM. This is part of their promo for their 65th anniversary this June.
I of course, did not let this opportunity pass up and so boyfriend and I went to the Max's that's nearest to me, which is their Jupiter branch. I have to admit I was kind of dubious because the restaurant isn't exactly known for their big servings.
There were still so many people eating even past 8:30 PM! I arrived and saw tables with heaps of bones on it, so that was definitely a good sign!

Here's how the chicken looks like when it comes to you. Mmmm all the leg parts and chicken skin I want! (I know, such a fattie.) They bring it to you through small baskets and you can request the part that you desire.
 You can also avail of unlimited Pepsi products with an additional P39
Also ordered their pancit canton since I happen to love it. Unfortunately, this wasn't part of the eat-all-you-can.
When the clock strikes 9PM, you get treated to a DANCE NUMBER courtesy of the friendly staff of Max's:
I found the whole thing hilarious because before it began, there was a crowing of a rooster. Plus one the dancers even performed a back flip! Fantastic, free entertainment!
And the end result?
6 pieces of chicken later, we were satisfied. Take note that boyfriend even had rice and pancit canton with this (I was trying to lessen my carbs so I didn't eat rice -- rolls eyes).

You guys should try this promo! Its actually a fun experience and you get to eat as many chicken as you want. For a mere P165!!! Should I say more? Let me know if you've tried this and what you're record was, I'm sure you guys beat me.^^


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