Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Choosing the Right Red Lipstick + How to Keep It Lasting Long!

The holidays always call for a fun bright look and before the year ends, you should totally try the BRIGHT RED LIPSTICK trend that's been going on for quite some time.

I've heard that most Asians have a hard time choosing the right shade of red to go with their skin tone. But its really all about choosing the right red with a hint of blue tones (if you're fair Asian like me) or a red with golden shimmers (if you're on the darker side of Asian) plus the added confidence you need to pull the look off.

I only have 2 red lipsticks that I own, and here they are:

LEFT: Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Mini-Lipstick in Lava Love; Left: OPI's Hey Vito, Is My Car Red-y?

I don't really go out of my way to buy red lipsticks because these do the job! Unlike when I wear my pink lipsticks, I don't find the need to cover my original lip color in concealer prior to applying red lipstick. I also find that it helps if you use a lipbrush--you should make sure your red lips look neat!

A tip I got from Jen of FrmHeadtoToe on how you can make your lipstick last longer (and look more matte) is that you can set it with powder. How to do it? Here's how:

1) After applying your red lipstick, grab a single square of toilet paper. Make sure you just get a single ply (if it's 2-ply like mine, just peel it off)!
2) Place that single ply over your lips.
 3) Then using any powder (can be loose or press!), pat it on using a foam or brush over the tissue.

4) When you're done, just take the tissue off and repeat steps 1-3 again. I swear by this procedure! It really helps your lipstick stay in place for a longer time.


  1. thanks for your tips~
    I've never been able to put on red lipstick, ahaha it's always looks weird on me

  2. good luck! i used to feel the exact same way! but if you're able to find the right shade its going to be easy.:)


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