Sunday, December 19, 2010

Revlon Matte Eyeshadow in Venetian Blue Review

I love how people know that Christmas is a time to give me things I love--make-up! Expect plenty of reviews to come your way, I think food reviews will be given a rest for now because of this sudden surge of new fun stuff to try!

This is the Revlon Luxurious Color Eyeshadow MATTE. Expect no hint of shimmers here! I am a huge huge fan of eyeshadows, especially if they have great color pay-off at a low price. Read on to find out how this one was for me.

What Revlon says:
Soft, suede-like texture glides over lids smoothly and evenly.
Provides high-impact color and a soft matte finish.
Feels smooth and luxurious on the eyes.
Satin shades provide a smooth shimmering finish
Perle shades provide a sparkling crystallized finish
Matte shade provide a creamy rich finish
Try them all!
Mine is in Venetian Blue and looks very vibrant in its case (comes with a small sponge applicator):
Plus a swatch of the color, only swiped a finger across the shadow and placed it on my arm:

I have to say I'm not such a big fan of this eyeshadow. The color is smooth but when applied to the eyes, you have to pile the shadow on to re-create the vibrancy it has on the pan. Its a bit too sheer for me.

I don't really recommend this one, but if you like the color, then try it! I think the satin shades have better colors though.


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