Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from PINKSUNSPOTS + Win a Britney Spears Fantasy Perfume!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I'm taking this time to thank all the readers who have been reading this blog, which has already garnered over 15,000 hits!

As a thank you gift, I am having a small give-away!

Before I was such a big k-pop idol, I had one woman whom I looked up in her music and just everything she did--BRITNEY SPEARS!

I love her because she's an amazing performer and creates great music, but I also admire the way she has pulled herself together, surpassing challenges and invasions upon her privacy. She has been successful in every trade she immerses herself in, and I have to say I am also a big fan of her perfume line. One of my favorite scents is her FANTASY line (currently using Midnight Fantasy now).

So now as a gift to all my readers (Philippine-based only though, sorry guys!), I'll be giving away a 100ml Britney Spears Fantasy perfume to a luck winner who comments in this entry!
(note: photo above was taken from Google, my own give-away prize is sealed tight!)

1. Open to Philippine readers
2. Comment on this entry with your name and e-mail address.
3. Answer the following question: Why will 2011 be a better year for you? Keep it short!
4. Winners will be chosen through RANDOM. ORG.
5. Contest ends on January 3, 2011 so the perfume can reach up in the early days of January!

Get your comments in because I honestly love love love this perfume, I've already used up 2 bottles of this stuff because I think the scent is just perfect. Also, this contest isn't being sponsored, I'm just giving it away because its Christmas!
Also as proof that the perfume is with me and is brand spanking new:

 Sealed tight!!!

Merry Christmas again and don't forget to thank the Lord when you can, he is the reason for the season, right?^^ Stay warm! 


  1. 2011 will be a good year for me coz I'll be getting married next year and will be moving to LA with my husband. I'm not the most positive person in the world but I'm pretty positive that 2011 has great things in store for me.

    Plus, next year's my year --- Year of the Rabbit :)

  2. AWESOME contest! i'm a fan of britney spears even before her paparazi-ruined days! but glad she's back and up to her toes now :)

    2011 will be a better year for me, unlike many other years... because this year i will be graduating from college and hopefully find my dream job :) I'm excited with all the changes coming in my life this 2011 :)

    <3 hazel (

  3. 2011 will be a better year for me, because, I made a lot of mistakes in the previous years or year and I learned a lot about them and I have and I WILL fix them to redeem myself.. And I might fix broken relationships in the 2011.. Also, 2011 will be a better year because finally, I'll be a senior in high school! Then Graduation! WEE!
    (i'll just pm my address XD)

  4. ay, email address lng pala.. haha! misread.. sorry..

  5. 2011 hopefully will be a better year because I'm hoping to finish my loans/debts (a better year for finances). I also hope to take and pass next year's JLPT.


  6. great giveaway! i loved britney spears too. ;)

    2011 will be a better year for me because I'll be a senior in college already (almost graduating and finding a job. weee),I just got back to joining beauty pageants and won them, and I found a new love and he'll be with me this coming new year, yihee <3 ;) also, i've been very mature already due to all the unfortunate experiences i had before.. thus, i'm ready to face all the obstacles coming my way this 2011 ;)

    God bless and hope 2011 will be good to you, too <3 take care :)

    yhen (

  7. Why will 2011 be a better year for you?

    first because,.after 14 years of studying in school. Finally on April 2011 im going to graduate. All the hardship of being in school
    will finally come to an end, after that
    a new chapter in my life will start.
    I will look for a job, save money, help my parents.

    also i'm turning 20, on May
    so right now 19teennn, 20 means i not teen anymore. I'm joining the world of Adult ^^

    hopefully this 2011 will be a good year for me

    name: camilla
    twitter: i follow you so u can tweet me

  8. bei, i already replied to your e-mail ;) I already sent my details :) Take care :)


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