Sunday, December 19, 2010

Etude House Missing U Hand Cream Review

Have you guys seen Etude House's newest set of animals to grace their hand creams?

Isn't he suuuuuper cute?!!?!?!? GAAAAAAH CUTEST HAND CREAM EVER!

This little guy is a Harp Seal! Etude House launched a set of hand creams as well as lip balms that features four endangered species, namely the Harp Seal (Green Tea), Fairy Penguin (Baby Powder), Panda (Peach) and the Pink Dolphin (Cherry Blossom).

What Etude House says:
Missing U Hand Cream is formulated with natural mixture of herbs, Shea Butter and Olives to moisturize, heal and soothe hands.
Pear shaped container features one of four available endangered or near endangered animal friends
Directions: Apply cream onto palm and rub hands together, massaging to all areas: palms, wrists and fingers. Also applicable to arms.
This hand cream is pretty small, as all Etude House hand creams are:

Inside the seal is a plastic cover for hygienic purposes:

Lift up the plastic cover and smell how good it is!!!
The hand cream gets absorbed easily when you rub it on your skin, the green tea smell isn't overpowering. The smell also disappears after a few seconds (or maybe I washed my hands too soon after testing it out).
A percentage of the profits of these hand creams and lip balms go to save the endangered species they feature. So you get a nice hand cream plus help out the animals!

The Etude House Missing U Hand Cream is available at any Etude House store at P278!

And lastly, I couldn't resist taking a snapshot of my own baby seal and the new addition to the seal family:
Happy Holidays everyone!!!^^ Stay warm!


  1. So cuuuute :) Sana mag stock ulit ang SM Makati nito.

  2. yes its super cute! etude house restocks quick so i'm sure you'll be able to purchase one soon.

  3. waaaa! super kawaii~! <3 They're having a 10% off for them now ^__^ Oh, I had no idea that some of the profits would go to save these endangered species.. i love penguin (but, penguin isn't endangered, is it? they're just not that easily spotted bcz they live waaay waaaay on the north pole) I want to collect all the lip balms! =D Cute tins =)

  4. i think this type of penguin is endangered, anyway the proceeds go to a good cause so its always a great way to spend your money and have something cute in exchange.:D


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