Friday, December 10, 2010

Som's Noodle House: Thai on a Budget!

Have you guys noticed that my posts have involved food lately? I think its the Christmas season affecting me--there's always this inclination to eat, eat, eat!

Som's Noodle House, serves Thai food at a cheap price! This is located at a walking distance from my house, a few seconds away from Rockwell. Anytime I need hot Thai comfort food, its a go-go to Som's!

A word of advice first though, when going to Som's, do NOT have high expectations. Just think your regular restaurant inside a house. The interiors are pretty simple, chairs and tables that can accommodate a few people outside (with umbrellas) plus more on the inside.

We always get our usuals:

Yellow chicken curry (P102), good for 2-3 persons then we just get rice and that's enough for us!

Thai milk tea (P40) which I do do love because its bottled so you can buy a lot of quantities. Doesn't taste too milky so its good!

Plus a new dish we tried, Spicy Squid (forgot how much this was but costs kinda the same with all the ulams). This was too spicy for me. I think I was only able to eat a few bites. If you can take the heat, its pretty good as well.

And that's it! I swear I'll be posting something about something related to make-up soon! Happy Holidays everyone!!!^^

Som's Noodle House is located at 5921 A. Alger St. Poblacion, Makati. You can reach it by going straight to Kalayaan after Rockwell and turning at the first street. They also serve barbecue at the side you can order with your meal.


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