Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Lemon: Keeping Me Happy One Drink at a Time!

I love love love milk tea. I cannot live without that drink no matter what. If there's milk tea on your beverage menu, I most probably would order it. But I like things simple, I'm satisfied already with milk teas that Ersao or Som's serve. But if offered a chance to try other milk teas? I'm always game!

Finally, a much-needed visit to Happy Lemon! My friend and I have been planning this visit for so long and the time finally came!

Happy Lemon is actually a drinks franchise from Hong Kong which serves over 40 varieties of hot and cold tea drinks. Just another milk tea fad? Read on to find out!

Interiors are really cute and fun! The place is brightly lit and their tagline, "Happy Everyday!" is emblazoned everywhere. When went there, the place didn't have that much people and we were able to get our orders quickly.

After ordering from the counter, you're given a number so they can prepare your drink fresh and serve it to you.

As per my friend's recommendation, I tried the Lemon Yakult (P100 for large, P90 for regular). This is definitely a drink for Yakult lovers! When I drank this, memories of my childhood days spent chugging down Yakult and hearing the bell ring from the Yakult peddler came back.
The drink has lemon zest inside, which was kind of a hindrance for me because I didn't know if I should chew them or spit them out (crazy, I know!). But the drink was good--I would definitely order this again when I come back if I don't have an inkling to try another flavor. Also tastes like a slushie Yakult with a hint of sourness that's not too overpowering.
If you're not a big fan of Yakult don't order this one.

My friend, Danny G, ordered the Burnt Caramel Milk Tea with Pearls (P90 for large):
My first sip was..."di ko gets." But eventually on the second sip, I got the taste! Tastes mostly tea-ish and the burnt caramel was a nice touch. Don't expect the drink to be too sweet though!
Pearls are small, sago-sized. I thought there was a good amount already put in. Mix the ingredients around to get the full effect!

And a final photo of us very satisfied with our drinks! We'll be sure to come back and try more drinks soon!

Ending note: I actually reviewed the place because one of my former employees are actually working here. Congrats to Chris Tiu for a new successful business! Try try try Happy Lemon guys, its good!

Parking may be a bit of a hassle in Greenhills during the holiday season, but you can drive by and let your driver idle for awhile because they serve the drinks pretty fast. Also wanted to add that we paid for our drinks and none of these were for free.^^ 


  1. I saw this before but didn't have the time to stop by! I read alot of reviews from happy lemon already... will definitely check it soon! :) and really, Chris Tiu owns this? as in the admu bball player? hahaha just double checking, baka marami kasi sya kapangalan :))

  2. yup try happy lemon! i'm actually craving a drink right now!
    yup chris tiu the admu player :) he and his friends brought it to the country.

  3. it is! the drinks are super yummy too!^^

  4. bea!:)) imma go to greenhills when babalik ako manila. \m/ hope i can find the store!:)

  5. its located in the promenade area :)


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