Saturday, October 17, 2009

Arboleda- 1, Pacquiao- 0

Never has the PBA experienced so much excitement!

In a game against Smart Gilas just yesterday, Wynne Arboleda (I thought all this time his name was Willy, or is Wynne a nickname?) of Burger King walks to the side of the court during the game, and suddenly attacks a courtside spectator!

The courtside spectator was identified as Alain Katigbak, who is allegedly being dubbed as a friend of Chris Tiu, one of the players for Smart Gilas. (Or stalker? Who knows!) Apparently, the fan was continuously heckling the entire Burger King squad, as well as sprinkling in some profanities here and there.

All these occurred after Arboleda was slapped with a flagrant foul. 

Intentional? Yes obviously. Arboleda purposefully strode to the side of the court, straight to Katigbak and it was showdown time. I haven't watched PBA since I was in college, and I really have no idea how Arboleda is as a person on and off the court. Is he this aggressive in all the games?

Some are saying that Katigbak was literally asking for it by sitting right behind BK while airing out his 'dissatisfaction'. But isn't taunts from the audience (fine, the sports crowd) all part of the game?

Now we can all turn this incident into something fruitful! It can a) bring more popularity to the league by encouraging more people to watch and anticipate if there will be another Pacquio-Hatton match; or b) it can bring more people in to watch the games live so they can see the action up close. Or of course people can just be turned off by the whole incident and stop supporting the PBA altogether.

(cue in Vina Morales' PBA Ito Ang Game Ko jingle)


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