Friday, October 2, 2009

August-September Make-Up Haul!

I promised to do monthly make-up hauls, but this time around it's a bi-monthly one since I waited around for my birthday to get my hands on what I loved!!! So here are the new products I've been trying out:

1) The Face Shop Touch & Shine Dual Eye Color in Silver Navy
My friends gave me this eyeliner/eyeshadow stick for my birthday! The colors are very shimmery, and the stick is actually easy to maneuver. Not a big fan of the eyeliner side though because in 1 single swipe, it smudges and gets removed. The silver shadow side took me around 4 swipes to make the color pop out of my eye.
Very very good for beginners who are still trying to work their way around using an eyeliner as well as for girls who are not fussy with their eyeshadow (who is definitely not me haha). The color isn't that pigmented so you do need to use several strokes to get the color on your lid.
Costs around PHP300-400.
Oh ew I just looked back at the picture of my eyes and please just ignore the dark circles under them. I literally just applied the product on without any concealer, foundation or primer.

2) in2it Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
My aunt was the one who recommended this liquid eyeliner to me, because I was looking for the next one I would use. As I said before, I'm not a big fan of expensive make-up products, and IN2IT is a cheap make-up line but with great quality.
I think they're having a sale right now in PCX, Powerplant. But anyway I tried this one and it had good results. The pen is easy to control (since I don't like the wand variety), and the color comes on well.
This isn't extremely long-lasting though, the color fades around 4 hours after application, which is okay for me because I prefer to touch it up whenever I can. Costs PHP350-400.
Had to check if it could handle my "2ne1" eye make-up that I use everyday. And it could!
The 3rd one I bought this month was the MAC Blot Pressed Powder, but since I already gave a review about it, I won't be including it on the list anymore.

4) Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Eye Palette
I seriously don't know why it took me so long to put this in make-up haul post. I've had this palette for around 2 months now. If you look in YouTube, there are so many gurus creating art on their faces using the CS eye palettes, and there so many people also making reviews about it. I couldn't help myself, I just had to get it!
So it comes in different forms, there is the matte or the shimmer variety. It comes in 88 gorgeous colors, and I'm warning you, the ultra shimmer is really...shimmery! But it doesn't make you think immediately of sequins and feathers. What I like about it is that it's highly pigmented, which it should be because the pots are only around as big as a 25-centavo coin.
But it's such a bargain to get especially if you want to experiment with a lot of colors. I was able to get this for PHP1450 from Nikki, who is easy to talk to regarding her wares. 

One foundation I've been wanting to try out is the Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Foundation, which is luckily already available here in the Philippines! They already have a store in Trinoma. Its a dual foundation because it can also be used as a concealer.
I'll be making sure to get my hands on it after I use up mine. I was excited on hearing that Laneige is already here because the beautiful Song Hye Kyo (the girl from Full House if you guys didn't know) is endorsing it.

Oh I wanted to ask if you guys like the new style, with pictures of me trying out the make-up hauls I buy. I thought it would add a personal touch to the way the products were presented, hence the pictures. The pictures aren't extremely HQ as well, so I apologize for that.
Also, I wanted to have product give-aways if ever it comes to the point that there will be more readers. Just thought it would be fun to spread the great finds I get!


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