Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October Make-Up Haul!

Someone is going to totally kill me for spending too much on make-up recently. But don't I deserve every little bit of happiness???
1) Laneige Snow Crystal Duo Foundation 
I finally bought it! The woman was trying to convince me to buy the oil-free one instead, but my mind was already made up before she even said anything. It has a nice, dewy finish which is great for everyday use, not too matte but has great coverage.
Before you buy this, remember to tell the woman to apply it first on your face. Not just your jawline, but your whole face! You just test the color swatch on your jawline then when you've picked the right shade for you, ask her to apply it. Check the coverage and finish afterwards. Then don't buy the product yet! Walk a few minutes around the mall or wherever to see how it looks like after it sets. If you're still satisfied, go buy! I honestly recommend doing this to every foundation you buy. Don't be shy to ask the saleslady and test it out first because you have to remember that you will pay good money for a good foundation.
Anyway its a "duo" foundation because it has a concealer inside!

I think this is a good buy because you're getting 2 products in one. Plus it's the same shade as your foundation so it will be easier to coordinate the 2 shades.
The packaging: So cute, it has a snowflake design! (Bad bad pictures I know, my digicam cannot be found)
The inside of the box is PINK!
And the dispenser:The pump dispenser really saves you the product use and isn't prone to wastage. Really convenient!
It has a MANUAL inside! This is the first time I've ever seen a manual inside a make-up product. Don't forget to read this before using it!
So so cool, the things Koreans think about in putting into their product.
Plus all the freebies I got from Laneige from their different cleansing products:
I think you're only suppose to receive 2 samples, but the woman was so guilt-stricken because she promised me a free lipgloss for every PHP1,000 worth of products you buy. Unfortunately they were out of stock for that freebie, so I got many samples instead.
The foundation is pretty expensive, it's PHP1,800, but because of the pump dispenser, it would take me a year or so before I finish this. The price is a foundation AND a concealer, so it's a great buy!

2) In2it Extra-long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner
If you read my Aug-Sept make-up haul entry, I made a review on one of their liquid liners. I wanted to add that that specific liner made me nuts because the end tip lost its ink after a few weeks of use. Only the side parts of the pen remained in good working condition! How frustrating is that?! I tried putting on my eyeliner using the pen sideways but it was just hopeless.
So I bought another one, and since I'm a fan of cheap liners, I still went with In2it, getting their EXTRA LONG LASTING liner (I think this line was meant for me), since my ultimate problem is that my liner disappears during the day.
I wanted to do a sample swatch for you guys but I don't have a digicam with me right now so I wasn't able to. But it's on my eye right now and I've tried smudging it and everything, it still hasn't moved! I guess I'll only be able to do a test on how extra long lasting it is by tomorrow, but hopefully this thing will be better!
Costs PHP322.50 in Landmark, since there was an on-going Beauty Fair.

For next month, I've been wanting to buy the Coffret D'Or Combient Rouge 03, which is a nice orange-y color (not exactly the one on the picture on the right, but that's the product). I've tried it already and it looks nice, it has 2 ends, 1 is a matte lip stick while the other is a shiny lipgloss and you can either use it both at the same time, or separately.
It costs around PHP1300, so I'm still thinking about buying it or not.
Anyway that's it for this month's make-up haul! I should really put a lid on this make-up addiction... 


  1. Nice haul! The foundation is pretty expensive but I like that it has a concealer. I guess if you bought a concealer separately your total would equal or surpass the price of your duo foundation.

  2. Yup exactly what I was thinking! I hope it's worth the price in the long run bec Laneige is pretty expensive, same price as MAC, even heftier! But my main problem with some MAC shades is that my skintone doesn't match with it so I'm very biased towards Asian brands.


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