Monday, October 26, 2009

In Fairness to You, Sarah G.!

So I was driving on my way to my friends' Asian Fusion Day over at Manila Ocean Park when around 3 giant billboards of my least favorite singer caught my eye. First was this one:

The other was this one:

Of course both had her respective sponsors on it, but then again I thought she was promoting a clothes brand or something. But no, it was a poster for her upcoming concert entitled 'Record Breaker'.

Sarah Geronimo, unlike Charice Pempengco, knows when it's time to make an upgrade on her image because she, as well as her fans, are getting older. And IN FAIRNESS to her, these photos make her look more mature, and more importantly, FIERCE. Great job, Sarah G.! Charice Pempengco should hire your stylist so she can earn my respect.

I am loving the black and silver theme for this. But the font of the RECORD BREAKER needs work. But as long as she looks good, it's okay.


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