Sunday, October 11, 2009

Japeth Aguilar Finally Suits up for BK: PBA Hooplah

Manny V. Pangilinan has shared his words of wisdom, "Be part of the solution, not the problem."

So Japeth Aguilar has finally made up his mind and will be seen suited up for Burger King today, in the Opening of the PBA's 35th season

I'm sure most of you know all about the hooplah that Aguilar has caused when he chose to play instead for Smart-Gilas (the RP Developmental team, more on that I guess in the posts to come?), instead of honoring his being drafted by Burger King as the top over-all pick, with the PBA Commissioner (that dude he's with) attempting to get Aguilar banned from the league.

But because Aguilar is becoming part of the solution and not the problem, he has agreed to finally sign a contract with Burger King, which allows him to stay with the Whoppers for a year, afterwards he will be traded off to another team. (I heard the contract is for 8 million smackaroos, though I'm not sure on this.) He will also be allowed to play for Smart-Gilas for the 2011 Asia FIBA. Yes I know its confusing, I'm confused as well.

Anyway fact is fact: Aguilar will be seeing action later on in the season opener with his team going up against Purefoods. Will he be starting? That is yet to be seen because he has only been in ONE practice session with his team.

One thing I have to say: credibility of a person is extremely hard to maintain, especially if you're someone like Aguilar who's exposed in the public eye. He has to make good decisions and see through it if he wants to build up a good reputation. Yeah he is a good player, but in the long run, he's very lucky that BK and Gilas were both willing to fix things and avoid further conflicts. He should be careful in what he does next since his basketball career is on the line.

I am glad that MVP is showing primary concern for the future of basketball in this country, seeing as how Filipinos are crazy about it. Sayang ang potential!

LOL. I apologize for the lame-ass post. I was pressed for time to put this up since the PBA Opening is today and I'm mainly studying for my law school finals. I swear my next one will be more fruitful than this!!!


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