Sunday, October 4, 2009

Take Me to the Philippines

This video was shown last Oct. 1 on MTV which is geared up to promote Philippine tourism as well as to gather funds for Apl de Ap's (otherwise known as Allan Pineda from Pem-peng-guh) foundation to help out the Typhoon Ondoy victims. This is actually a collaboration with the Department of Tourism through Sec. Ace Durano, with the project being called "Take Me to the Philippines".

I probably should commend the DOT for this video because this would surely spark more tourism in our country rather than letting Regine Velasquez belt out nonsense on-screen. But for me to truly appreciate them, they should think about taking down the tarps that mess up the roads because of the blatant early campaigning of Dick Gordon together with the tourist spots.

What I really appreciate is Apl de Ap's efforts to help out his country especially in our time of need. Love the video, it was very catchy and looks professionally-done. The colors are great and I think foreigners would like the fresh take it has on the Philippines: that it's hip, modern, and a place that can make you dance! Haha I was just kidding on that last sentence.

Watch and enjoy!


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